Cyclin Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cyclin Pharmaceuticals, Inc., is an FDA approved distributor of USP grade pharmaceutical bulk chemicals, pharmaceutical compounding bases, over-the-counter womens' health creams, and over-the-counter nutritional supplements.

We have been formulating womens' health products since 1984 -- using only reputable manufacturers within the United States that produce our superior products with quality, safety, and efficacy in mind.

Superior Womens' Health Creams and Supplements

  • Clinically proven supplements for symptom management of PMS, Perimenopause and Menopause
  • Healthcare provider recommended
  • Results, patient verified

Specially formulated base creams and gels

  • Advanced liposomal cream and gel available in alcohol or water base for enhanced drug delivery
  • Derma cream and gel bases
  • Suppository bases include PEG Supposibase and CoA base

Quality Control and Environmental Testing Services

  • Capsule concentration testing to ensure potency, composition and uniformity
  • Steroid particulate testing for work areas, employee and retail customer environments
  • Micronized product to provide consistent particle size
  • Tested to ensure chemical purity and texture